The 4 best ways to keep HR in the box

We have been approached lately a couple of times with the question: How can we keep HR in the box?
Below some simple recipes that have certainly helped others.

1. Give them a copy of Dave Ulrichs “Human Resource Champions”

Ask them to read the book and to organise the HR department according to the simple framework in the book. This will slow them down substantially, and probably years later they will still be trying to figure out who is the strategic business partner and who not.

2. Ask for a resource planning system

Say you want all your employees in a system, with their capabilities, skills, potential and wishes. So that when there is a resource request the suitable people can be found, with more or less one push on the button. Success HR!

3. Add talent management and career planning to the mix

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a clear view on all the talent in the world, and if we could map the talent on the standard career paths (divided in job families)? We will give you some time to build this, HR. Can you do this in 12 months?

4. Hire some external advisors to advice HR on how to increase their impact

Most advisors like integrated all encompassing models that need to be implemented with involvement of large numbers of staff. Difficult for HR to resist and the operational burden of implementation will keep them busy.


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