The 10 episodes of HR Mythbusters season 1

When I cycle to nowhere on my home trainer in our cellar, I often watch Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel has the most fantastic programs, and I can certainly say that Discovery Channel has contributed to my fitness, as I often cycle beyond my target time of 30 minutes, as I want to finish watching the program.

My favorites are ‘Auction Kings’, ‘American Loggers’ and ‘Mythbusters’. In ‘Auction Kings’ you can follow what happens at auction house Gallery 63. Yesterday an original letter of Houdini was auctioned, after a nephew of Houdini had said the letter was real. In American Loggers we follow the Pelletier family (a big family with mainly brothers) who work in the woods in Maine. Real men. About the lessons I learned from the Pelletiers another time. Mythbusters demystifies myths in all kind of areas. They take a myth, and then they do serious but entertaining research to test the myth. Last weeks I have seen them cover questions as: Can you really smell it when people are fearful (the answer, after a test I would not have liked to participate in: plausible), Can you drive with a motorcycle on water and Is it really as easy to dispose a body as it seems in many movies.
There seems to be room for a program called HR Myth Busters. While running without the TV on, I outlined the following 10 episodes:

  1. A team needs a leader.
  2. Job profiles help to increase performance
  3. High potentials need a career path
  4. Teams that can earn a bonus, perform better than teams who do not
  5. Seasoned recruiters can instantly detect the suitable candidates
  6. Women have better communication skills than men
  7. Performance reviews need to focus on strengths, not weaknesses
  8. Coaching executives helps
  9. People need a purpose
  10. Friday is the most productive day of the week

It will take some ingenuity to design suitable and attractive experiments fort each of the episodes, but leave that to the HR Mythbusters. In the meantime you can start thinking about suitable HR myths for season 2.

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