What is happening in the boardroom? (Part 2)

7. Do we dare to take some risk?

He never looked forward to the meetings with the Supervisory Board. They did not understand the business. They were afraid to take any risk. The advice of his coach was: “Let it go and go with the flow”. This was difficult for him, his style was to fight and seek the confrontation.

8. The consultants present a great idea
She was not very fond of the consultants. They never came alone, but always in a pack of three or four. Their slide packs were always huge. If you asked them to be concise, they put 100 slides in the enclosures. This time she had asked them to present without Powerpoint. They were struggling…

9. Anthony and Rose
They thought nobody knew…

10. Improving the meetings
The boss had hired a coach, to help us to improve the meetings. He advised us to get rid of the big table, and sit in a circle. The boss made sure he had a small table for his papers. Nobody dare to say something.

11. Family day
During the annual Family Day, family could visit the headquarters. Kevin gave a presentation in the boardroom. His grandparents were very proud!

12. When the going was good
This was just before the crisis, when people still bought boats. They were all there, at the board meeting in Miami. I wonder where they are today.

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