What is happening in the boardroom? (Part 1)

1. Bob’s resignation

Nobody had seen it coming. Bob resigned. He had his speech carefully written out, but halfway it became too much for him. Crying he left the boardroom.

2. The ‘shadow’ Executive Board
An idea from Karen, the new Director HR. A ‘shadow’ board with high potentials from all over the world. Here we see them at their first meeting in the boardroom at the global headquarters. Antoinette, from Belgium, has just been elected Chairman.

3. Finally they got rid of Bernie
It had been a long process. Bernie had been a pain in the ass for a long time, but he refused too leave. Jack, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, protected him. When Jack left, they got rid of Bernie as soon as possible. His signed termination agreement arrived today. They felt relieved. 

4. The merger
They called it a merger, but is was a takeover. They hoped to close the deal today. The meeting would start at 11, at a neutral location in Frankfurt.

5. Dealing with the Workers Council
Harry, the new CEO, had no experience with the Workers Council. The first meeting did not go well.

6. Preparation, preparation
Nigel was religious when it came to preparation. He did not like improvisation. He was always the first in a meeting, and could become very angry when you were late. Here we see Nigel in London. He is about to phone his CFO, Catherine. They would meet to go over the presentation one more time. Where was she? It was already 8.05…

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