Can we create a model for HR? 10 possible dimensions.

The Chief Designer of Renault, Laurens van den Acker, and his team have created a concept car, the Renault Dezir.  The Renault Dezir will never get into production, but it serves as an example and an inspiration for the designers that are working on future Renault models.

Would it be possible to create such a model for HR of the future? A model that will never be implemented in all its aspects, but that can be a source of inspiration and guidance for the designers that are creating the future of HR management? HR is not a car, where the design parameters are reasonable clear (four wheels, 2-4 doors, an engine, a steering wheel etc.). I tried to come up with 10 possible dimensions to take into account.

  1. Color. What is the dominant color? Red? Blue? White?
  2. Texture. What does it feel like? Soft? Warm? Hairy?
  3. Dimensions. Big? Small? Invisible?
  4. Connections. Loosely coupled? Firm? Smooth?
  5. Shape. Curved? Boxes? Lines?
  6. Sound. Silent? White? Classical?
  7. Appearance. Machine? Human? Cloud?
  8. Feeling. Warm? Cold? Distant?
  9. Gender. Female? Male? No gender?
  10. Reliability. Reliable? Surprising? Future proof?

I am sure there are many more dimensions. It will take many iterations, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to create a visionary model!

Laurens van den Acker at  “De wereld draait door”. 


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