Can you please endorse me?

Some time ago I interviewed an internal candidate, let’s call him Pierre, for a senior position. One hour after the interview I received an e-mail from LinkedIn: “Pierre has endorsed you for Recruiting”. I thought this was pretty impertinent, but creative at the same time. How could I, who was such an awesome recruiter, reject this candidate?

Below you can see how my LinkedIn connections have endorsed me. This is how they see me, perception is reality. Of course I am very grateful for all the endorsements I have received.
How does this profile come across to people who do not know me? It seems my spikes are in Talent Management, Performance Management and Leadership Development. I recognize this, and these are areas where I have done a lot and in which I love to work.

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-26 om 14.39.26There are also areas I would have liked to be endorsed for, but they are not on the list. Especially my broad international experience is not reflected very well in the profile. I would like to make some suggestions:

  1. Global Collaboration
  2. HR in multinational companies
  3. HR Innovation
  4. Multidisciplinary team work
  5. HR Talent Development

It might also be useful to introduce negative endorsements, as this might add to the clarity of the profile.  “I like to NOT endorse Tom for …..”. I will not give examples, but there are plenty.

“Do LinkedIn endorsements really matter?” 


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