My life on Twitter, part 5: 5000 tweets later


This week I am two years active on Twitter. The number of my followers increased from 1616 to 2718 in one year, 1102 new followers. Via Social Bro I learned that I have 13 famous followers and 136 influential followers.

SocialBroLast year I was able to measure my Twitter temperature via, but unfortunately they refuse to recognize me. Last year the verdict was harsh (” “Tomwhaak: you’re an ice cold cold 32°F (0°C)!”), so maybe this is better.
On average I posted 7.70 tweets per day (“where do you find the time?”).

tweetsperdayOn the graph it looks as if there are days that I post more than 48 tweets, but I can not remember those days.
In the word cloud at the top of the blog you can see some of the words most used in my tweets.
My Klout score today is 57. The Klout score is a number between 1-100 that represents your influence.


Difficult to find out if 57 is good. The average Klout Score is 40 and users with a score of 63 are in the top 5% of all users.
So, 5000 tweets later, am I still positive about Twitter and why am I still continuing?

  1. Twitter has become part of my life. I get a lot of relevant information via my Twitter contacts. Twitter in combination with  is ideal. Scoop it helps to store relevant articles and also to get in touch with communities that share my interests.
  2. Twitter stimulates me to write my blog posts. Only recycling the content of others seems somewhat poor, so I want to add my own content as well.
  3. Twitter stimulates me to stay curious. Surfing on the web trying to find nice content to share gives me pleasure, and it can easily be done in some of the potentially less productive parts of the day (e.g. when I am commuting by train). Bufferapp is a great help to create a buffer of tweets.
  4. Twitter is fun, and also a way to add a layer of communication with the people I work closely with. Twitter helps to keep conversations going.

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