Global Collaboration, part 5: We need more Antifragilista

The first book I read during my holidays:  ‘Antifragile’  from Nassim Taleb. I found this an impressive book with a lot of food for thought.  A book I would have liked to have read a long time ago (but unfortunately it was only published in 2012).

What is Antifragile?

Antifragile is a new word invented by Taleb. “Some things benefit from shocks;  they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk and uncertainty”.
To grow and to flourish global companies will benefit from more people with antifragile characteristics (“Antifragilista”).

How can you develop your antifragile qualities?

Some thoughts on how you can develop your antifragile qualities.

  1. Learn different languages, extra antifragility points if Chinese is amongst them.
  2. Travel and live and work in different countries.
  3. Make sure you have a broad skill set. Do not specialize too much too early. Include some skills that will always be in demand (cooking, driving, writing).
  4. Experiment, learn by trial and error, and do not be afraid to make mistakes.
  5. Regularly switch jobs, internally or externally. New opportunities broaden your horizon and increase future opportunities.
  6. Start your own venture. Entrepreneurs are needed, and nothing is better than real experience.
  7. Invest in your friends and network. A strong global network you can tap on will make you more independent and valuable.
  8. Do not get too dependent on material things. The less you own, the less financial obligations you have, the more antifragile you become. When you work somewhere, the best feeling is: I work here because I like it, not because I have no other choice.
  9. When you take risks, look for risks where the downside it not so big, and the upside potentially  big.
  10. Read the book and draw your own lessons. I would like to hear more, as I am sure I did not fully grasp everything.

Read the book

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