Global Collaboration, part 4: The Power of Diversity

In my rucksack I have many prejudices, mental models and beliefs. As everybody. It is difficult for me to leave my rucksack behind. In one of my recent 360s it was noted again by one of my colleagues: “Tom, you have to work better with people who have a different view on the world than you have“. I know this, but it is not so easy to change.

Global collaboration can be enhanced if we use the power of diversity

Global Collaboration can be enhanced, if we use the power of diversity, instead of assuming it would be best if we all were globally using a similar approach. The strength of global diverse organisations is that they can tap on the capabilities of many different people, from diverse cultures and from diverse backgrounds.

Let’s use the:

  • Thoughtfulness of the introverts
  • Great verbal capacities of the Brits
  • Calvinistic approach to work of the Baby Boomers
  • Ability to connect and mobilize people of the extroverts
  • Control skills of the micro managers
  • Attention to detail of the lawyers
  • Careful approach to risk of the engineers
  • Eye for design quality of the architects
  • Multitasking skills of Gen Y
  • Sense of urgency of the people in the Middle East and Asia
  • Sense of belonging of the Brazilians
  • Can-do mentality of the Americans
  • Directness of the Dutch
  • Glass-half-full approach of the change agents
  • Ability to come up with objections of the blockers
  • Visions of the idealists
  • Endurance of the meeting tigers
  • Contacts of the resource investigators
  • Big ideas of the shapers
  • Entrepreneurship of the founders
  • Love for people of the great coaches
  • Wisdom of the experienced managers
  • Speed of the runners
  • Bluntness of the big ego’s
  • Short-term focus of the temp
  • Client focus of the account managers
  • Creativity of our partners
  • The dedication of the soloist
  • The experience of the high performer/ low potential
  • Insights of former employees
  • ……………..

And many more!

Illustration by Subber Ahmed
The illustrations for the blog posts in the series ‘Global Collaboration’ are made for ‘The Future of HR’ by various artists from around the world.

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