The Future of HR, part 27: 10 Management skills also great Leaders should master

Jokes I can never remember. Motivational one-liners I also tend to forget. Two I remember from a leadership meeting I participated in last week: “Good leaders create followers, great leaders create new leaders”, and “What got us here, won’t get us there”. What you also hear and read a lot is the essential difference between Leaders and Managers. Generally the difference is outlined in such a way, that nobody wants to be a manager any more. Managing is for losers, leading is for winners. A very concise definition I found: “The manager’s job is to plan, organize and coordinate. The leader’s job is to inspire and motivate”. I don’t know. The distinction is very artificial, and in my view we need people who can lead and manage at the same time. I have seen various great leaders, who could have been even better if they would have been great managers as well.

What are ten management skills I would expect every leader to master?

  1. Listening (10,000 hours at least to get to world class level)
  2. Planning a meeting (that is inspiring and motivation)
  3. Conduct virtual meetings (with global teams)
  4. Giving positive feedback (and not only once)
  5. Asking neutral questions
  6. Conduct a performance review (that is inspiring and motivating)
  7. Setting challenging goals (for her/himself and team)
  8. Use social media to inspire and motivate her/ his team
  9. Create opportunities for talent (letting go …)
  10. How to control less (letting go…)

We need Managing Leaders (ML’s) everywhere, and should make sure they master Management 101.

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