The Future of HR, part 12: More Diversity!

There is a constant push to uniformity. HR needs to push back. We need more diversity!

Can we imagine:

  • An organization without job grades and job titles
  • People who do not need a Personal Development Plan
  • A birthday without (cup) cakes
  • A division with a totally different structure
  • A company structure without divisions
  • A special team for lazy people
  • Leaders who prefer to work alone
  • Employees who do not want to be engaged
  • Trainees who do not want to become CEO
  • CEOs who do not plea for organic growth
  • Companies without a strategic plan
  • Consultants without models
  • Consultants without Powerpoint decks
  • Meetings that are too short
  • Days without meetings
  • Integrity not being a core value
  • An off site without someone saying “People are our most important assett”
  • Job profiles without the word ‘Teamplayer”
  • Coaches who do not use MBTI
  • Succession management being a low priority
  • A management team without an Off Site
  • A multinational without a diversity policy
  • A year without “The War for Talent”
  • A strategy where ‘lack of focus’ is seen as positive
  • Social media without a policy
  • Communications not being a priority
  • Alignment to be seen as unnecessary
  • An analysis without benchmarking
  • A training without evaluation
  • An executive training without strategic assignments
  • A flip chart without “We need senior management commitment”
  • A flip chart without ‘Clear responsibilities and accountability’
  • Break outs with useful output
  • A wish list without ‘Work-Life Balance’
  • Globalisation not being an issue
  • Redundancy and Overlap on the list of  ‘What we need’
  • Potentials moving through the organization without a plan
  • Introverts in the lead
  • Projects without planning
  • Quarters without reports

This is just the beginning. Please add to the list!


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