The Future of HR, part 7: Kill some routines

Routines can be comfortable. Sometimes too comfortable. Maybe it is time to kill some routines.

  1. Stop with annual performance reviews. Switch to weekly, bi-weekly or skip them at all.
  2. Stop working those long hours. The company will continue to run without you putting in 60 hours per week.
  3. No more Powerpoint presentations. Try to tell your story without pictures.
  4. Try to kill the meeting routine. Is the meeting really necessary? Do all the people need to be there? Why plan a meeting in time slots of one hour?
  5. Do not end every training session with a Q&A with the CEO or the full board. This only reinforces the idea that the top should know the answers to all the questions. Think of another high impact session to finish upbeat.
  6. Do not design new policies. Do you really need a Social Media policy? Or a CSR charter? Or a Diversity policy?
  7. No more Christmas cards/ Christmas parties/ Christmas presents.
  8. No more annoying. Annoying is a waste of energy. One of my colleagues learned me to call it ‘daily acceptances’. It takes some practice and a Zen attitude, but I should have accepted this 30 years ago.
  9. Stop stating in job profiles that the candidates should have at least 10 years experience and many other requirements. Experience is overrated a fresh look without the handicap of 10 years experience can be very helpful.
  10. Stop with the focus on efficiency. Cultivate lingering and procrastination. Celebrate redundancy and some chaos. Stimulate constructive conflict as well!
  11. Allow love and beauty as aspects of a world class workplace. Love your team and your colleagues.    Love is unconditional. How does MBO work with your partner and friends?

Your assignment for this week: think of at least 5 routines to kill. But also avoid adding new ones!

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