The Future of HR, part 6: Different people, different needs

In the past the domain of HR was relatively simple. You had employees and temps. As temps were temps the main actions for this group was hiring and exiting.

Today the picture is more blurring. We have (and I am sure the list can be longer):

  • Employees on the payroll for an indefinite period of time (they hope…)
  • Employees with a temporary contract
  • Temps who work via an agency (Manpower, Randstad etc)
  • Freelancers
  • Interns
  • Contractors
  • People who work for a supplier, but who spend the majority of their time in your organization.
  • Interim managers
  • Employees of clients temporarily on site at the supplier

Last week I was looking through the window of my room (corner office) and I saw seven people, all working on international HR projects, but only two of them were actually on the payroll of ARCADIS.
The different groups have different needs. Even within the groups the needs are different.

  • The newly appointed trainee wants a fast career, with the opportunity to move to Asia 
  • The intern wants a high mark for her project, so that she can apply for a Masters
  • The freelancer wants to add a project to his curriculum, so that he can increase his fees and work less (to have more time to develop his app)
  • The software specialist wants to develop her language skills, as she wants to move to Australia with her new partner
  • The manager wants a bigger team, so that his status increases and his workload decreases
  • The deputy wants the job of the manager, as he can do a lot better.

What is the focus group of HR? Is it on the talent in the company who have the aspirations to grow to the most senior positions in the company? Is it all people who, at a certain moment in time, are working for or with the organization?
Engagement of all is important. Needs and expectations vary greatly. The toolkit of HR to support the different groups is often not big enough. Segmentation is key, not standardization.

Dutch translation of this blog post here.

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