My life on Twitter, part 4: "You're an ice cold 32°F (0°C)!"

One year ago I accelerated my Twitter usage. I announced this at our ARCADIS Global HR Meeting in Amsterdam. Next week we have the next edition of this event (in Berlin), so a good moment to take stock. In one year the number of my followers went from around 50 to 1616 today. I follow 1599 accounts, a ratio of 1:1. I bombarded the world with 2267 tweets, on average 6 per day. Sometimes I was retweeted, and sometimes I had some interesting conversations through Twitter. Today I went to to get their view on my Twitter temperature, by pushing the button “Tell me if I’m hot”. Very disappointing: the verdict was “Tomwhaak: you’re an ice cold cold 32°F (0°C)!”. “You’re as cold as ice. Willing to sacrifice your Twitemperature to natter on about things that no one cares about ….”. Thank you Twitemperature, so much for positive feedback.

Via WordCURL I was able to analyze the words I most used in my tweets. “Via” on number 1 (Ice Cold), but “People” on number 2, followed by “Leaders”, “Best”, “Why” and “HR”. Very telling, but maybe also very boring.

The overview of most mentions word about @tomwhaak (via Kred) is shown below. Some understandable words on top (Global, Shapers, Future, Engaging, Thanks) but also some weird ones (Fear, Michael, Phones, Self-healing…).

Kred also provides a list of Top Locations connected to my account. I cannot find an explanation how this is compiled, but surprisingly “Greater Manchester” is leading, with 39%. Noord-Holland (12%), The “Vlaams Gewest” (9%) and Delhi are the runners-up. I am very happy Karnataka ended on the 9th place with 3%.

This first quick analysis left me in a little depressing state. One year actively tweeting and basically only success in Greater Manchester… On the positive side: much room for improvement. “Persistence is the twin sister of excellence” was one of the tweets (one retweet from a follower in Zuid-Holland). Not taking the analysis and the harsh verdict of Twitemperature into account, I have had a lot of fun with Twitter in the last year. A lot of very useful information I get through my valuable Twitter contacts, and by searching content I can share. This works very well in combination with!, where the articles and links can be stored. It has also intensified the contacts with people I closely work with. Via Twitter (and other channels, as Facebook and WhatsApp) we can keep in touch when we are at home or travelling, and continue conversations. Meetings are also more fun with Twitter, especially when there is a Twitter contest.
I am sure I will recover, if you do not hear from me I have switched to Pinterest.

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DD3-Cloud for the Word Cloud

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Twitter temperature


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