30 years in HR, in 16 episodes. The summary.

On July 1, 1982, I started working in HR. In 16 blogs I gave an overview of the 30 years. Blog 1-8 in chronological order, blog 9-16 more thematic.

  1. The start
    How it all started. Trained as an experimental psychologist I choose for a fast career in HR!
  2. Trainee
    Trainee at Philips Electronics. Doing some research, working in a factory and getting an impression of Personnel Affairs (HR did not exist yet).
  3. Dangerous work!
    My first real job was at Hollandse Signaalapparaten, then a subsidiary of Philips. 6000 employees in The Netherlands, recruitment was my first job. Working for the defense industry was not very popular.
  4. Operation Centurion
    I moved to Philips Consumer Electronics, following my first boss. Times were tough at Philips, but I had a nice job: how can we engage and retain the global talent.
  5. Core Competences
    From Philips to KPMG. KPMG Netherlands was working on their Vision 2000 and I could participate. Big fun, and I learned a lot.
  6. HR for Prima Donna’s
    At Aon I was the International HR Director. Insurance Broking is a very special business, requiring specific HR skills.
  7. Growing with ARCADIS
    When I started at ARCADIS in 2006 we had 10,000 employees. Now 21,000, so a challenging (and rewarding) environment for HR.
  8. What did I learn?
    Some lessons. “HR should be tougher” is one of them.
  9. Is HR a vocation?
    Was I born as a HR professional? (Luckily not…)
  10. Help, I’ve got INTP!
    About all the tests I did in the 30 years. I am yellow and my MBTI profile is INTP.
  11. Control or no Control, that’s the question
    About some rigid processes at Signaal and the benefits.
  12. Some terrible stories
    About the clairvoyant engineer and the recruiter I hired because he went to my high school (no guarantee for success, alas).
  13. Do NOT ask the customers what they want
    A mistake that is often made: confusing client focus with doing what the client wants.
  14. What I learned from my first boss
    About my first boss, what I learned from him, and the importance to have a good first boss.
  15. Self managed learning HaHa
    What went wrong when I tried to implement self-managed learning.
  16. Glimpse into the future
    Last episode, and introduction to new series: The future of HR.
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