HR is there to help you


Last week was traveling  with a colleague on the Northern Line from Kings Cross to Bank, to take the DLR to London City Airport. On the train was a blind man. With some trouble, bumping his head to the ceiling, he left the train at Bank. I asked if I could help. “Certainly”, he said. “Where are you going”? “To the DLR”, I said. “That’s where I’m going”. He took my arm and together we walked on the platform to the right exit. He knew exactly where he was going. The route was rather difficult. Couple of stairs and strange turnings. “Do you do this often”? “Twice a week”, he said. “Its not easy, but I manage. Where do you come from”? And, while walking, we had a pleasant conversation. About London and why we were leaving so soon. “You have only been here one day? My goodness.”

Arrived at the DLR platform (nr 9) he directed me to an information window. The guy here knew him, and I left him in his hands. “Goodbye, safe travel and thanks for your help”. My colleague who had been walking behind us, caught up with me. “HR is there to help you”, she said, and we took the next train direction Woolwich Arsenal.

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