Twelve iPhone Apps that enriched my life

I got my first iPhone (4) in January 2011. More than one year later (still the same iPhone) I can now summarize which Apps I have used most (outside Mail, Messages and WhatsApp). The order has no meaning, it’s just the order the appear on my iPhone.

1. Foursquare

Lot’s of fun with Foursquare. I doubt if I belong to the target group, but who cares.
Travel becomes more fun. An organizational version would be fantastic.

2. Trein (“Train”)

Actual information on when train departures.Most of the time very accurate.

3. Maps

Never get lost.

4. Flipboard

Fantastic, both on iPad and iPhone. My personal magazine where I can follow my favorite people and organizations on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

5. Tripit

I use this all the time. All my trips captured in one place. Just an e-mail with the reservation to and the information is on-line.


Constant source of news and valuable information.

7. Hipstamatic

I now take nearly all my Photo’s with Hipstamatic. You never know what the result is.

8. Buffer

Quickly add a tweet to the Buffer, or check the success of already posted tweets.

9. RunKeeper

I never run without RunKeeper. All my runs are captured, with the route, and the average speed per kilometer.
Powerful feed back, and stimulating.

10. Weightbot

Again, the power of feedback. Daily weight measurement stored in this app.

11. Stocks

Couple of times per day. How are we doing?

12. Sonos

Remote control for Sonos sound system. In combination with Spotify

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