21 Management Myths that block World Class Organizations

21 management myths that block world class organizations:

  1. What does not get measured does not get done
  2. Redundancy = waste
  3. A span of control of 7 is ideal
  4. A year is ideal for planning purposes
  5. We do not have time for reflection
  6. “All noses should point in the same direction”
  7. My door is always open …..
  8. Hierarchy works!
  9. Leading 1000 people requires a lot more than leading 50
  10. Serial is better than parallel
  11. Show no doubt!
  12. Ambiguity = bad
  13. Acting > Thinking
  14. Pragmatic  > philosophic
  15. Our teamwork is great!
  16. Structure follows Strategy
  17. I can rely on my intuition
  18. Older = wiser
  19. Through globalization the different cultures are becoming more alike
  20. Beware of introverts!
  21. Benchmarking leads to better results


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