16 HR Myths that spoil the impact of HR

16 HR myths that spoil the impact of HR:

  1. One size fits all
  2. It is worthwhile to look for the competencies of successful people
  3. People can be divided in four categories: blue, green, yellow or red
  4. The ultimate HR job is HR Business Partner
  5. Job descriptions are useful
  6. “If only we had more time, than we would have an HR strategy with big impact”
  7. There should be a clear distinction between line and staff positions
  8. Matrix organization do not work
  9. Equality before diversity
  10. Bonus systems are very effective in driving people’s performance
  11. Meeting = working
  12. Everything will be better when HR has a seat at the management table
  13. The more employees collaborate, the better off the company will be
  14. Leaders should be saints
  15. The median in the market is a good reference for your salaries
  16. Beware of introverts!
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