30 Simple Ways for Leaders to increase Engagement

30 simple ways for leaders to increase the engagement of the people in their organizations.

  1. Living the values
  2. Express a clear future mission and strategy for your team
  3. Stimulate the personal and professional development of the people in your team
  4. Set challenging goals for the members of your team and support them in achieving these goals
  5. Regularly give specific and constructive feedback
  6. Involve your team in challenging and surprising projects
  7. Work on a personal development plan with all of your staff
  8. Do not reschedule or cancel planned performance reviews
  9. Give more room
  10. Try to be a little less task oriented
  11. Less meetings, more personal contact
  12. Involve your high potentials in challenging international assignments
  13. Do not shout when you give your orders
  14. No more working lunches
  15. Listen more, talk less
  16. Also use your phone, not only e-mail
  17. Ask more questions
  18. Express your own enthusiasm and passion for the job
  19. Go with the flow (now and then….)
  20. Deal with obvious non-performance
  21. Do not keep the challenging assignments to yourself!
  22. Listen. Listen. Listen.
  23. Share more than you would usually do. And show some doubt
  24. Keep fighting bureaucracy!
  25. Give more compliments
  26. Set high expectations
  27. Ask guests in your office to give a presentation to your staff
  28. Sometimes change your plan
  29. Stick to your plans!
  30. Serve yourself last

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