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10-4-2016  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

On September 28, 2016, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute gave a presentation at the Fast Growth Icons conference in Amsterdam. The title: The role of HR in scaleups. The slides he used can be found on Slideshare. The core message: scaleups need wordclass HR. The mechanism often is as follows: when a startup […]

03-31-2016  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

In the article “12 ingredients for HR with impact” Tom Haak listed gave an overview of elements that can help to increase the impact of HR. With this checklist you can check if you and your team are ready to increase your impact. The HR Trend Institute detects, follows and encourages smart and creative use […]

03-17-2016  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

The ‘Checklist Managing an Innovative HR project’ is part of the book “Building Powerful Networks; the Arcadis Global Shapers story”. This book, about the iconic Arcadis Global Shapers program,  will be launched on April 12, 2016.  It not only offers inspiration, tools and guidance for organizations that are eager to engage the youngest generations, it also […]

01-24-2015  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

In my conversations with HR directors and CEOs regularly the question arises: what is good (or even better “world class”) HR? In this article I review 12 ingredients of what I consider good HR. Good HR is HR that makes a major contribution to achieving the objectives of the business: HR with impact. 1. HR […]

10-11-2014  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

2015 is approaching fast, and hopefully many HR-teams are working on their agenda for the next year. I suggest three motto’s for 2015. 1. Less is more, or Focus, Focus, Focus Most of the time HR wants to do too much. Stimulated by the business leaders, who also want to do too much, HR overloads […]