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Here the blog posts of the HR Trend Institute can be found. Most of the blog posts are written by Tom Haak, the founder of the HR Trend Institute. Frank Roebroek, partner of the HR Trend Institute, is a regular contributor. The blog posts are related to human resources management (HRM, HR), innovations in HR and requirements for people working in HR. The HR field is changing fast. Trends, especially technology trends, create huge opportunities to improve HR management. It is our belief life in organisations can be a lot more pleasant than it is for most people today. The HR Trend Institute detects, follows and encourages trends, in the area of people in organisations and in related areas. The blog posts cover a variety of subjects. What will the future of HR look like? How is the HR profession changing? What is required if you want a career in HR?

10-2-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

Performance management in agile organisations: in this article some considerations to take into account when redesigning your process.

07-27-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Una Lawlor  |  Published in Blog

To improve workplace productivity, make sure that you are making the most of technology in the field of HR in each of the 5 following ways.

06-12-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

On May 28, 2016, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute, conducted a presentation at the HR Innovation Day, in Leipzig. The presentation was filmed, and we are happy to provide you a link here. In his presentation Tom focuses on innovative methods to gather and analyse people data, and he gives many examples. The […]

05-22-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

The multinational looking for the “ultimate solution” At the end of last year, I was visiting a medium-sized Dutch multinational. The HR Director told me that they were finally implementing a global HR information system. After deliberating and studying for a year and a half, comparing the different providers, negotiating heavily through the Purchasing Department, […]

04-24-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Frank Roebroek  |  Published in Blog, Uncategorized

Early involvement HR in M&A essential HR needs to be involved in M&A deals to increase deal success. Research shows early HR involvement is a critical success factor. Which role HR needs to play in M&A will be described around 4 critical responsibilities. M&A deal activity reached an all-time high in 2015. Going forward Deloitte […]

04-21-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

HR Tech MeetUp dedicated to the Employee Experience On April 20, 2017, there was a session of the HR Tech Meetup Netherlands dedicated to the Employee Experience.  This was a very lively and inspiring MeetUp, with more than 100 people, who gathered at the office of Booking in Amsterdam. Wendy van Ierschot (of Van Ierschot)  gave […]

03-28-2017  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

The attention to people analytics has increased enormously over the last few years. Many organisations have established people analytics teams, and several promising start-ups have developed software that can help HR with people analytics. The assumption is that if we have access to the right data, if we have the right analysis tools and clever […]

11-9-2016  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

The last years the HR Trend Institute has been using the overview of trend areas below, to guide the search for innovative and creative HR practices. The trend areas of the HR Trend Institute The trends are well-known, and all of these are long-term trends. The changing shape of organisations Trends area number one on […]

10-17-2016  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

A few months ago I was speaking at a conference on people analytics. In the break I was talking to a group of participants, all from the same organisation. “What are you doing here with four people?” I asked. “We are the task force HR Analytics and we are here to see what we possibly […]

10-4-2016  | 0 Comments  |  by Tom Haak  |  Published in Blog

On September 28, 2016, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute gave a presentation at the Fast Growth Icons conference in Amsterdam. The title: The role of HR in scaleups. The slides he used can be found on Slideshare. The core message: scaleups need wordclass HR. The mechanism often is as follows: when a startup […]