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27th, Jul 2017
Effective use of technology is critical to the success of any business. Whether in production, sales or administration, technology helps businesses to run _
12th, Jun 2017
HR Analytics
On May 28, 2016, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute, conducted a presentation at the HR Innovation Day, in Leipzig. The presentation _
22nd, May 2017
HR Tech
The multinational looking for the “ultimate solution” At the end of last year, I was visiting a medium-sized Dutch multinational. The HR Director _
24th, Apr 2017
Early involvement HR in M&A essential HR needs to be involved in M&A deals to increase deal success. Research shows early HR involvement _
21st, Apr 2017
Employee Experience
HR Tech MeetUp dedicated to the Employee Experience On April 20, 2017, there was a session of the HR Tech Meetup Netherlands dedicated to _
28th, Mar 2017
The Psychology of People Analytics
The attention to people analytics has increased enormously over the last few years. Many organisations have established people analytics teams, and several promising _
9th, Nov 2016
hr in holocracies
The last years the HR Trend Institute has been using the overview of trend areas below, to guide the search for innovative and _
17th, Oct 2016
People Analytics
A few months ago I was speaking at a conference on people analytics. In the break I was talking to a group of _
4th, Oct 2016
HR Scaleups
On September 28, 2016, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute gave a presentation at the Fast Growth Icons conference in Amsterdam. The _
19th, Aug 2016
HR Plan
It helps if you are able to capture your HR Plan in one picture. Above an example from a non-existing company. You can _
15th, Aug 2016
HR Plan
Related infographics Making an HR Plan Bring focus in your HR Plan with the effort x impact matrix Trends in HR series: HR _
12th, Jul 2016
10 people analytics icons
Designer: Mahfujur Rahman (via Upwork) See also: People Analytics 5 steps How to start with People Analytics?  The HR Trend Institute detects, follows and _
20th, Jun 2016
The HR Trend Institute detects, follows and encourages smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organizations, and also in _
10th, May 2016
People Analytics
Nice infographic by Crunchr. More on the Pinterest page of Crunchr.   The HR Trend Institute detects, follows and encourages smart and creative _
9th, May 2016
Read: 8 simple steps to define a sound HR strategy 4 elements of a minimalistic HR Guidelines for the 2015 HR Agenda   _
4th, Apr 2016
Global Shapers
The Arcadis Global Shapers program was one of the best projects I have been involved in my career. Chantal Drenthen (Fresh Forces), Sylke _
31st, Mar 2016
In the article “12 ingredients for HR with impact” Tom Haak listed gave an overview of elements that can help to increase the _
29th, Mar 2016
Guerrilla HR
In the article “It is time for some guerrilla HR” Tom Haak made a plea for a more impactful HR. With this checklist _
17th, Mar 2016
Managing an innovative HR ptoject
The ‘Checklist Managing an Innovative HR project’ is part of the book “Building Powerful Networks; the Arcadis Global Shapers story”. This book, about the _
11th, Jan 2016
Super Forecasters
One of the better books I read last year was “Superforecasting, the art & science of prediction”, by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner. _
16th, Nov 2015
Change Resistance Bingo Card
Change Resistance Bingo: print out the card below, hand it out during a meeting where the plan is discussed. When you hear a _
12th, Nov 2015
Last week the HR Transformation Forum gathered for a network meeting in Amsterdam. Kindly sponsored by Randstad, a group of  20 senior HR _
26th, Oct 2015
At a conference where I presented recently, many speakers mentioned performance management. What I sensed was: the really brave companies have stopped with _
7th, Sep 2015
HR Operations
It is 2020. The role of HR has changed considerably in recent years. We have seen many organizations changing from tight, closed hierarchies _
3rd, Aug 2015
Recently I gave a presentation to an international group of students. In the Q&A session, there were several questions about diversity. What had _
8th, Jun 2015
Start Ups
The typical evolution of HR in organizations used to be as follows. In the first phase the founder or founders do everything themselves. _
23rd, May 2015
war for talent
Last year I was able to listen to an inspiring presentation of Claudio Fernández-Aráoz of Egon Zehnder. I also read his  book, “It’s _
2nd, May 2015
Black Box
A friend is involved with one of the Dutch premier league football clubs. We were discussing football and what HR in organizations can _
15th, Mar 2015
An area where HR clearly can improve is storytelling. If you ask an HR team: “Tell me your story?”, it often takes a _
21st, Feb 2015
Thursday last week I was visiting a consultant in her office in a mid-sized provincial town. The office was in a 1930’s villa. _
14th, Feb 2015
Yesterday I received the following e-mail from one of my readers, let’s call him Vaughn: “Oh, Oh! My boss asked me to give _
24th, Jan 2015
In my conversations with HR directors and CEOs regularly the question arises: what is good (or even better “world class”) HR? In this _
17th, Jan 2015
Annual Integrity Test
This is part 2 of the annual integrity test. Participation is voluntary. Please read each described situation carefully and judge to what extend _
10th, Jan 2015
Integrity Test
This is your annual integrity test. Please read each described situation carefully and judge to what extend you find the behaviour appropriate. 1= _
28th, Dec 2014
After having worked 30 years in HR, I wrote a little booklet (“30 years in HR”). What were some of the lessons I _
21st, Dec 2014
The last weeks I was in several workshops with HR teams, reviewing HR trends and the creative use of these trends to increase _
6th, Dec 2014
2015 will be a year with many opportunities for HR. Some roles for HR in 2015, to increase the impact of HR. The _
8th, Nov 2014
Normally I am not a big conference participant. But as a trend watcher I have to go out there and search for new _
1st, Nov 2014
In 1988 I was transferred from the Defense & Control Systems division of Philips to the Consumer Electronics division. Jan Timmer had just _
11th, Oct 2014
2015 is approaching fast, and hopefully many HR-teams are working on their agenda for the next year. I suggest three motto’s for 2015. _
4th, Oct 2014
October is a good month to start working on your HR strategy for the next year. Of course the business strategy and the _
14th, Sep 2014
In 1982 I started my career as a trainee. Philips Electronics wanted to hire some fresh forces for the personnel department and they _
7th, Sep 2014
1. Chicago: In the cupboard It was May 2006 when I found myself in a very small office without windows at the Aon _
30th, Aug 2014
Tom Haak
We were able to interview Tom Haak in his office near Utrecht in The Netherlands. Tom is the founder and director and director _
17th, Aug 2014
There are many people in organizations of whom the potential is not fully utilized. If we could find ways to unleash this potential, _
21st, Jun 2014
  A friend came for dinner yesterday. He is working for a fast growing company. The Asian division is facing a classic problem. _
7th, Jun 2014
  Three (HR) models to get rid of: 1. The pyramid as a metaphor for organisations   When you ask people to draw _
1st, Jun 2014
Assume you are new in an HR job in a sizable organization. The contours of the strategic plan are there. As always the _
10th, May 2014
big city
Several times people have said to me: it is remarkable what you have accomplished with such a small team. Sometimes this means: why _
13th, Apr 2014
HR intervention
HR and management often want to do too much too quick. I have been guilty as well. My personal archive is full with _
29th, Mar 2014
HR in the box
We have been approached lately a couple of times with the question: How can we keep HR in the box? Below some simple _
22nd, Mar 2014
In the last months I have been able to take some distance from my work, as my physiotherapists gave me a lot of _
15th, Mar 2014
Internal Communications
Several times I have been involved with the internal magazines in the companies I worked in. The pattern was most of the time _
1st, Mar 2014
This time I want to cover three mistakes that are regularly made by HR. Avoiding tackling the most burning issues Strategy is more _
22nd, Feb 2014
Many HR teams find it difficult to define an HR strategy for their organization, team or department. Here are eight simple steps. Summarize _
15th, Feb 2014
This week I was talking to a young HR entrepreneur, looking for some venture capital. One of his questions was: what does it _
18th, Jan 2014
If you want a career in HR, you better think twice. The HR landscape will change dramatically in the coming years. The more _
28th, Dec 2013
In December 2012 I posted an article “13 roles for HR in 2013“. I hope you have been able to play some or _
14th, Dec 2013
Undercover Boss
As I am still recovering from my fall nearly two months ago, I have to spend more time at home. For 10$ per _
7th, Dec 2013
HR Leader
A Dutch network is compiling a list with the top 100 Dutch HR Directors.  They asked a group of CEO’s what they like to _
17th, Nov 2013
A friend works at a company that is very data driven. The beliefs of this company are laid down in a nice booklet _
31st, Aug 2013
Global Collaboration
Most companies have a list of core values Most companies have a list of core values. Many of these lists look alike. I _
24th, Aug 2013
flat army
  During my holidays I also read The Flat Army, by Dan Pontefract. A book that is both very stimulating and somewhat depressing. _
10th, Aug 2013
The first book I read during my holidays:  ‘Antifragile’  from Nassim Taleb. I found this an impressive book with a lot of food _
3rd, Aug 2013
Global Collaboration
In my rucksack I have many prejudices, mental models and beliefs. As everybody. It is difficult for me to leave my rucksack behind. _
27th, Jul 2013
Global Collaboration
In 1994 I was working for Philips Consumer Electronics and the proud user of a personal computer. This was the early days of _
20th, Jul 2013
Global Collaboration
  Long time ago when I worked for another multinational, there was a program to improve the relations between headquarters and the countries _
13th, Jul 2013
Global Collaboration
Improving the way we collaborate globally is an important theme in the organization I work in. Supply and demand are not well distributed _
6th, Jul 2013
International transfers
I know a company where, in the past, non-performing senior managers were ‘punished’ with an international transfer. This was the best punishment that _
4th, May 2013
Org charts
                          When I entered one of the former organizations, I asked _
28th, Apr 2013
global collaboration
In our organization, and in many other organizations, an important question is: how can we improve collaboration? Collaboration at all levels in the _
20th, Apr 2013
big city
One of my favorite magazines is Monocle. Each year they publish the ‘Monocle’s most livable cities index‘. Cities are rated on elements like _
23rd, Mar 2013
Our company is getting bigger. To realize our ambitious goals we need clear focus in the strategy, more transparency and an effective structure. _
16th, Mar 2013
Beautiful Machines
Last week we were listening to stories from other organizations. Question on the table: what, if anything, can we learn from them? One _
10th, Mar 2013
Change Agents
During the last weeks I reviewed and discussed various plans of the HR teams in our regions and operating companies. Always good and _
23rd, Feb 2013
A team
The last weeks I was interviewing candidates for senior positions in our global HR team. As always, it is somewhat of one step _
9th, Feb 2013
There is a constant push to uniformity. HR needs to push back. We need more diversity! Can we imagine: An organization without job _
27th, Jan 2013
Top Teams
Next week is the last week of one of the members in my team. She will move (internally) to a bigger job. We _
12th, Jan 2013
Fast and slow
The ability to speed up and slow down at the right moment is of great importance for HR. The tendency is to move _
29th, Dec 2012
Routines can be comfortable. Sometimes too comfortable. Maybe it is time to kill some routines. Stop with annual performance reviews. Switch to weekly, _
15th, Dec 2012
Roles HR
Some roles HR can play in 2013. The Connector In today’s organization it is all about connections. HR has to focus on building _
8th, Dec 2012
When I worked for KPMG I was involved in a big change project called Vision 2000. One of the consultants driving the project _
1st, Dec 2012
Performance Management
In my career of 30 years I have had maybe four formal performance reviews. For one reason or another my bosses have never _
24th, Nov 2012
In 2012 I participated in a workshop organized by Egon Zehnder and McKinsey in Amsterdam. They presented the results of a study they _
17th, Nov 2012
Through this new series I will try to fuel the discussion about the future of HR. Personally  I am struggling somewhat to see a _
25th, Oct 2012
I was stimulated a lot by a recent blog of Robert Paterson . He showed how LinkedIn helped him to map his network. Via _
29th, Jul 2012
Paul Starrenburg
I am always somewhat hesitant to mention names in the blog, but I assume that when I write about people in a positive _
21st, Jul 2012
  In the past 30 years I have been lucky to have been involved in many training programs. My believe in the positive _
1st, Jul 2012
  Today is the day. Exactly 30 years ago I started to work in HR (see “30 years in HR, part 1: The _
23rd, Jun 2012
How did I end up in HR? How did I end up in a job in HR? Did you ever meet people who _
9th, Jun 2012
This is the final episode in the first series of “30 years in HR”. From Hollandse Signaalapparaten to Philips Consumer Electronics to KPMG _
2nd, Jun 2012
On May 16, 2006, I had my first interview at Arcadis. The job profile I received from the search company was dated November _
26th, May 2012
Prima donnas
Entering Aon In September 1997 a search company approached me for an international job at Aon. I had never heard of Aon, but _
19th, May 2012
KPMG Netherlands was the next station, where I started in May 1994.  The Director HR was an old colleague from the Signaal days, _
12th, May 2012
Operation centurion
A job at HQ On November 1, 1988, I started at the headquarters of Philips Consumer Electronics (CE in company jargon) in Eindhoven, _
3rd, May 2012
On March 1, 1983, I started at Hollandse Signaalapparaten at their head office, in Hengelo. Henglo is in the east of The Netherlands, _
21st, Apr 2012
The four musketeers There we were. Four ambitious trainees: three psychologists and one sociologist. One of the other psychologists had studied architecture for _
14th, Apr 2012
On July 1, 2012, I work 30 years in HR. In some of my coming blogs I will look back on those 30 _
24th, Mar 2012
25 metaphors for organizations: Organizations as Armies Organizations as Asylums Organizations as Brains Organizations as Boats Organizations as Campsites Organizations as Conversations  Organizations _
7th, Feb 2012
16 HR myths that spoil the impact of HR: One size fits all It is worthwhile to look for the competencies of successful _
6th, Feb 2012
30 simple ways for leaders to increase the engagement of the people in their organizations. Living the values Express a clear future mission _