HR Trends: more movement in the office

Examples of smart and creative use of trends in the field of people and organisations

#6.001: Remove all but one waste baskets

Why? Sitting is the new smoking. People need more movement.  It is healthier for people if they sit less and move more. And if they move more, they will meet more people, maybe even some new people! Meeting new people or colleagues you have not seen for a while, can lead to new insights and ideas. 

At an organisation the HR Trend Institute visited recently they had taken two simple measures:

  • They removed all but one of the waste baskets on each of their floors. If people want to throw away something, they have to walk to the only waste basket that is left on the floor (in the corner opposite to the coffee corner).
  • It is recommended NOT to bring coffee/ tea/soda’s for your colleagues. Everybody has to collect his/her own drink in the coffee corner, as everybody deserves a break from sitting.

Keywords: #coffee #health #wastebasket #keepthemmoving #sittingisthenewsmoking

Link: Why sitting is the new smoking, an animated explanation


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