14 delaying tactics HR should fight


Poor managers are often very skilled in delaying tactics.
For many people/organisation issues the solution is not so difficult.
The action related to the solution is sometimes difficult for poor managers.
Someone has to be taken off an assignment.
Two departments have to merge.
A management layer has to be removed.
The relation with a long-standing client has to stop.
A request has to be put on hold.
To avoid the difficult conversation delaying tactics are the solution.
14 delaying tactics used by managers  to recognise for HR. And after recognition: push back.

  1. “We need a plan and a detailed planning”
  2. “The criteria to assess people on are not clear; we need a competency framework!”
  3. “Let’s plan some quality time to discuss the issue”
  4. “It’s better to wait until after the holidays”
  5. “It is a broader issue, we need a systematic approach”
  6. “The culture needs to change”
  7. “Let’s wait until after the off site”
  8. “We need to approach this holistically”
  9. “We need to find her a coach”
  10. “We will tackle this in the next strategy cycle”
  11. “What are other organisations doing?”
  12. “We need McKinsey/BCG/Bain to help us”
  13. “In the scale of things this is a minor issue”
  14. “Have you considered a survey?”
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