About the HR Trend Institute

The HR (Human Resources) Trend Institute follows, detects and encourages trends. In the people and organization domain and in related areas. Where possible, the institute is also a trend setter.

The Institute also helps clients and others to get a better insight in the trends, and how they can use the trends to stay or become leaders in their business.

The HR Trend Institute partners with universities, business schools, consulting organizations and providers of HR services.


HR Trends

Trends in HR according to The HR Trend Institute

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27th, May 2016
Current HR Trends
Trends in HR series: Trends in HR jobs Trends in Traineeships “HR Trends 2016: The list of Lists” 10 major trends in HR _
4th, May 2016
Basic Architecture HR 2
For a client we drew a basic HR architecture that is becoming very common in larger organisations. Nothing revolutionary, but it helped in _
2nd, May 2016
Trends in HR Jobs 2
  The world of people and work is changing. HR jobs are changing. This infographic gives an overview of trends in HR jobs. _


Read Tom Haak's blog: The Future of HR.

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10th, May 2016
People Analytics
Nice infographic by Crunchr. More on the Pinterest page of Crunchr.   The HR Trend Institute detects, follows and encourages smart and creative _
9th, May 2016
Making an HR Plan
Read: 8 simple steps to define a sound HR strategy 4 elements of a minimalistic HR Guidelines for the 2015 HR Agenda   _
4th, Apr 2016
Global Shapers
The Arcadis Global Shapers program was one of the best projects I have been involved in my career. Chantal Drenthen (Fresh Forces), Sylke _


News, information and links related to (HR)-trends.

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23rd, May 2016
Teneo has recently launched the HRcoreCLUB. The first event of the HRcoreCLUB will take place in Brussels, on June 10, 2016. The Brussels _
28th, Apr 2016
CHRO Magazine
Last week the first edition of the CHRO Magazine published. The Dutch CHRO magazine, targeted at HR Executives, is a publication of the _
26th, Apr 2016
HR Innovation Day 2
On May 28 a new edition of the HR Innovation Day 2016 will take place in Leipzig, Germany. The curator and initiator of _

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