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21st, Mar 2015
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As a new entrepreneur in the HR services world, I had to learn more about the various payment methods in the HR services _
15th, Mar 2015
An area where HR clearly can improve is storytelling. If you ask an HR team: “Tell me your story?”, it often takes a _
7th, Mar 2015
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Finding and selecting the best people for your organisation is still the most important HR intervention. In many organisations the hr practices in _


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19th, Mar 2015
On March 19, 2015, Tom Haak gave a presentation on “The Transition of HR” at the HRcoreLAB3 in Barcelona. The slides of the _
25th, Feb 2015
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HR CoreLAB 3, organised by Teneo Events, will take place in Barcelona on March 18 and 19. 250 HR professionals from all over _
10th, Feb 2015
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Read the popular Flipboard magazine “The Future of HR“. This magazine is curated by Tom Haak, the founder of the HR Trend Institute. _