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About the HR Trend Institute

The HR (Human Resources) Trend Institute follows, detects and encourages trends. In the people and organization domain and in related areas. Where possible, the institute is also a trend setter.

The Institute also helps clients and others to get a better insight in the trends, and how they can use the trends to stay or become leaders in their business.

The HR Trend Institute partners with universities, business schools, consulting organizations and providers of HR services.


HR Trends

Trends in HR according to The HR Trend Institute

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16th, Jan 2017
performance consulting
Generally good people want to become better. It is not so easy to give relevant feedback to people who are already very good _
9th, Jan 2017
Employees are expecting an experience at work In her excellent article “Consumerization of HR: 10 trends companies will follow in 2016” Jeanne Meister _
5th, Jan 2017
business intelligence
The term Artificial Intelligence was originally used by a Stanford Professor John McCarthy more than 60 years ago, at what is now known _


Read Tom Haak's blog: The Future of HR.

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9th, Nov 2016
hr in holocracies
The last years the HR Trend Institute has been using the overview of trend areas below, to guide the search for innovative and _
17th, Oct 2016
People Analytics
A few months ago I was speaking at a conference on people analytics. In the break I was talking to a group of _
4th, Oct 2016
HR Scaleups
On September 28, 2016, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute gave a presentation at the Fast Growth Icons conference in Amsterdam. The _


News, information and links related to (HR)-trends.

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6th, Jan 2017
On January 1, 2017, the Leipziger-HRM-Blog (curated by Peter Wald) published an interview with Tom Haak, director of the HR Trend Institute. 5 _
20th, Dec 2016
Future of Work
The ForeWork Initiative: Engaging Creative Professionals Across the Globe to Revolutionize the Future of Work Companies, both big and small, are facing new _
8th, Nov 2016
Agile HR Community
On November 17, at 6.00 pm, there is a Meetup of the AgileHR Community in Amsterdam at HQ, facilitated by Natal Dank. _

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